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Date: Wed 17 May 2006 - 14:34:26 GMT

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    >IMHO you need to do a bit more reading than what you have and then think a
    >bit as well. Who knows, being less grumpy you may even get a Nobel prize!
    >;-) (I have spoken with or have had email discussions with some and they all
    >seem 'positive' rather than grumpy - perhaps the prize 'uplifts' them or
    >maybe their positive attitude puts them in position to win the prize! ;-))

    I only properly met a Nobel Prize winner once. It was actually about 3 years before he won. I was a student and he was judging a poster contest. He looked at my poster and said "That's not an experiment". Rather taken aback, I mumbled that erm yes, I thought it was. "No", he snapped, "that's not an experiment, it's an observation", turned on his heel and stomped off. I once passed another one in a corridor - he looked very miserable (you hadn't been emailing him again had you Chris?).

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