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    > Hello Derek,
    > >Nobody knows where instincts are encoded
    > >(presumably in the brain somewhere),
    > Though the term 'instincts' is a grab-bag for lumping together
    > unknowns, the work on mirror-neurons suggest a physical site for at
    > least one subset of the class 'instinct'.
    > We also know a significant subset of those exhibiting autism, a
    > behavioral disfunction of one's ability to mimic (among other
    > things), also exhibit lower levels of activity in the brain areas
    > containing mirror-neurons.

    Good point. Note from the self-referencing of the brain comes the allowance for emergence of categories and that includes 'mirroring' - IOW an artefact of the methodology. This set of POTENTIALS then become 'grounded' in local contexts that can select preferences in the set and so specialisations.

    Thus some collectives can favour mirroring as part of the 'cultural nature' and their 'small world' network nature can marginalise or even expunge some of the universals expression in that context.


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