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Date: Wed 17 May 2006 - 12:40:50 GMT

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    >And there WAS a nobel prize given for research into this area of synaptic
    >dynamic -

    John Eccles was not given his Noble prize for indentifying where
    "instincts were encoded". Nobody knows where instincts are encoded
    (presumably in the brain somewhere), but to say in "dendrite areas", well, you're just making that up.

    >I suggest you 'ungrump' your self, apologise for the tone and read a bit
    >more. You perspectives are 'out of date' big time.

    Apologise for my tone? You obviously don't actually talk to scientists much, do you Chris, or you'd know that grumpiness is standard.

    So what brings you back onto this list anyway Chris? It's been, what 5 years? Joe has gone, by the way, he got slung off a couple of years back.

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