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    > Oh come on Chris, who do you think you are kidding?
    > >Keep zooming and you get to the neuron, axon(PULSE)/dendrites(WAVE) and
    > the
    > >synchronisation dynamics of inhibit/excite to the cell soma as well as
    > >neuromodulator densities in the synaptic gaps influencing emotional
    > >exaggerations/dampening.
    > That's just nonsense. Dendrites are input, axons are output.

    All you show here with these comments, and their tone, is grumpy ignorance. The affect on emotional expression due to variations in neuromodulator/neurotransmitter concentrations in the synaptic gap is well documented - as are the issues of re-uptake of such neurotransmitters that are managed through drugs for antidepressants or stimulants.

    The use of connections to cell body to enable synchronisation of neurons is well documented, as is the focus on this ability reflecting the use of these connections to increase bandwidth overall to process information (search using google under the heading of neural recruitment)

    > And as for this:
    > >Instincts get encoded into dendrite areas etc (and so post synaptic) and
    > >allow for context to PUSH the life form and so conserve energy.
    > What can I say? If anybody knew where instincts were encoded, they'd
    > be in Stockholm picking up their Nobel Prize.

    This is VERY old information and the fact you are not aware of it suggests you have not been keeping up to date on basic dynamics of the neurology and of the brain in particular.

    Some recent references for you re post-synaptic encoding:

    And there WAS a nobel prize given for research into this area of synaptic dynamic -

    > Grumpy (but justifably so) Derek

    I suggest you 'ungrump' your self, apologise for the tone and read a bit more. You perspectives are 'out of date' big time.


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