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Date: Thu 11 May 2006 - 14:48:23 GMT

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    Middle C is a sticky meme, for you at least. When I speak about a idea, lets say natural selection, it does not fewel intuitively as if I am representing information about natural selection. It feels like what I am talking about simply is natural selection
      The Language RS evolving from the music RS seems to be plausible does it not


            So now I am puzzling about this. One option is that music as hummed, sung or played must also be an RS, just as language can be either spoken or written. But I'm not entirely comfortable with this account, because when I hum a note, e.g. middle C, it does not feel intuitively as if I am representing information about middle C. It feels like what I'm humming simply is Middle C. And you have reminded me, quite rightly, that once we start constructing theories which completely undermine/deny the phenomena we set out to explain, we're onto a loser.

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