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Date: Thu 04 May 2006 - 14:26:48 GMT

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    Kate wrote:
    << When we watch games and infer the rules by reflecting on what we're seeing, I don't think that the baseball meme *is* being imparted. Rather than being replicated, we're re-inventing it for ourselves, the basis of knowledge that we bring to the situation.>>

    If such reinventing is predictable then it is indeed (a very common form of) meme replication.

    <<Again - I think that the tune itself can come across either way, but the information underlying it (was that note a B flat or an A sharp? Is the music written in 3/4 time or 6/8 time? etc.) does not come across unless you have the music in front of you. You can reconstruct it for yourself by listening, but that isn't the same thing as replication.>>

    Sure it is. In fact, memes evolve to more stable forms precisely because of people's ability to reinvent information and fill in gaps.

    Richard Brodie

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