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Date: Wed 26 Apr 2006 - 07:56:24 GMT

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    Monday, April 24, 2006, 8:25:58 PM, Kate wrote:


    BUT the words do also exist on the page.  There has to be something for me to interpret.  I don't just make up what I see.  The words hold the information until the next person comes along and interprets them.  Extracts the information from them, if you like.  Memes (which are chunks of information) need the human mind in order to be active, to replicate and exert their effects.  But written, or other concrete, ways of representing them, are very good ways of passively preserving their content until they're needed again.

    Absolutely. The status of the information contained in this message, or any communication, is not objective, but intersubjective. Like science: in principle, science is about what's really out there, but in practice, what's accepted as fact is what's experimentally replicable, that is, what people agree on. What's intersubjectively real should be real enough for anyone. For all practical and nearly all theoretical purposes, there really is information here.


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