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    > That is, they exist in the mind. The same is true of memes. To place
    > in brains, books, DVDs, etc., is to say that it's convenient for us to
    > this way, but of course in reality there are no memes, only atoms and
    > molecules.
    > Yet memes are as real as the minds that propagate them. Though flying
    > elephants don't exist, the thought of flying elephants is very much real.
    > It's only the content of imagination that's unreal, not imagination
    > The trouble is that we can't seem to grasp how a thing could be real when
    > can't be narrowed down to a particular place that contains a particular
    > clump of matter. We feel compelled to ask, where is the meme?

    << Yet Dace if this will be true, then memes are not singular, but always plural, transcedent, spacial, spacious...there is no single meme for each word, for each situation and thus we ought to think what we agreed upon what memes are, see their definition, is wrong ! Memes...take for example the meme ' spring', what the meme then actually is, is ALL what is and can be connected to the word ' spring ', with all its nuances, by- passes, conveniences, and etc. What the ' meme ' IS, is more than we can and ever will comprehend. And in such cases, yes indeed, to find the place where the meme reside is impossible! Where people think all can be dragged within ONE definition, what then IS the meme must stand corrected...there is NO such thing as one affect/ effect/ play/ role/... to define THAT is the meme ! We need the broader our scope...

    > When we reduce mind to brain, we step outside of ourselves, denying our
    > existence, as if we were figments of our own imagination. As incoherent
    > this belief system is, we cannot escape it so long as we remain wedded to
    > the localization meme, which originated in the 17th century with the work
    > Descartes and Robert Hooke. That we deny our own reality and imagine
    > found representations where there are only atoms and molecules is a
    > testament to the hypnotic power of memes.

    << True ! But if we indeed wider our view and look for the real fundamentals of what memes are all the above falls apart. Where Robin says memes are units of information we ought to say memes are
    'stories' of information. Units, chunks, parts are equivalent to small and narrow, where story indicates ' longer ', ' never ending ', ' open ', ' spacial '.

    The meme is the story that our mind tells us within the moment of context and what the consequence will be of one 's action upon himself, will be a fact at the very moment it will occur ! Memes evolve, propagate, reproduce at the very moment of their occurance. It is a continuous process.

    That is much more then just one ball one game....



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