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    > >It's interesting the way this discussion has developed. The issue of the
    > >definition of the meme evolved very quickly into a discussion of
    > >neutrality". Examples where the same information is carried on different
    > >media were put forward by Kate, Keith and myself merely to emphasize the
    > >nature of information, and thus the fact that memes, as items of
    > >information, can be and are encoded not just in brains OR behavioural
    > >patterns, but in brains AND behavioural patterns AND all kinds of
    > >artifacts. That issue -- definition -- seems to me much more important --
    > >especially given the fact that nobody has suggested that the substrate is
    > >entirely neutral. But few of us seem to be very interested in it.
    > >
    > Well Mogens mentioned Medium Theory and McLuhan. Jesse discussed aspects
    > the source that might be important to a given receiver. I'd say there's a
    > few of us interested in these topics relted to media.
    > If a receiver is sexist they might discount info presented by a woman as
    > source. Jesse also raised a good point about the vocal qualities of a
    > where he was turned off by a speaker on an audiobook so much that he gave
    > and bought the traditional paper/ink codex format.
    > Besides voice there are other qualities of a speaker that may have an
    > on the transmission of info, such as credibility, authority,
    > similarity to receiver, etc. Such things cannot be discounted.

    Hello guys, wake up, I mentioned this years ago !

    Meme- acts !! In what a kind of context I forgot, didn 't I write an essay about it !? I have to check my own feedback- info and library...



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