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    It should rejuvenate interest
    > in the book, but the issue per this discussion would be whether there's a
    > difference between formats between the book and movie (given that artistic
    > license of the director can be factored out). I'd also be interested in
    > differences in effect of the book itself as presented by Dan Brown given
    > reading the text in a paper format in your armchair or listening to it on
    > or tape in your car. Do the provcesses of reading versus listening have
    > effects on the way content is apprehended by the receiver? Are the
    > substrates truly neutral?


    Maybe we ought to look better at the ways we say, and where and to what a kind of context we hear or listen to something ! Memes are units/ items/ bits of reproductive information but much got to do with how and where that info is expressed; is related to; for what it is used;...

    Saying something to someone in a hard way, with a whispering voice, brutal, nice, kind, loveful, tender,....with a broken voice, is each time different although what you say can be same. Meme- acts ( remerber speech- acts ( Austin)), do play a part in how and how fast a meme will reproduce. Saying that Blair is a puppy will have no effect if the tone isn 't set for its reproduction. The right media (TV) and the right tone of the statement will add its spread. Saying the same thing in a brutal way with a dege- nerated tone in your voice will have no effect. But make the statement pleasant, make it a joke, tell it to the nation with a laugh in your voice and it will spread widely.

    Of course everything depends on the context but then again, having a discussion about solidarity can be rational, constructive, educative,...all is about the same thing, but other memes will spread each time we tell the story. So yes in a way the substrates are neural, emotions play their part, but in the end it boils down to the individual and how and in what ways he perceives and is willing to perceive the given info. So yes, what memes are concerned we are solipsistic IMO.



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