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Date: Sat 15 Apr 2006 - 09:38:47 GMT

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    Robin Faichney wrote:
    > Friday, April 14, 2006, 9:47:52 PM, Scott wrote:
    >> Do the provcesses of reading versus listening have any
    >> effects on the way content is apprehended by the receiver? Are the
    >> substrates truly neutral?
    > Not sure what you have in mind there, but I'd insist that the book and
    > the (unedited) tape or CD of someone reading it contain the same
    > information, even though the medium might have various effects on the
    > memetic propagation. I suppose it's a matter of degree, though, when
    > the total packages -- content plus medium effects -- are compared.
    > Maybe book and CD are 98% the same? Also, I think it's important to
    > distinguish between effects on the individuals encountering the
    > packages on one hand from distribution differentials on the other. I'd
    > guess medium has more effect on the latter than the former.
    The substrate is not neutral. It has an impact in all sorts of ways - some media are not as good as others at long-term preservation, some cannot hold information with the same accuracy as others (CD vs. vinyl) and some as you say have a different impact on individuals encountering the information - but as you emphasise this doesn't mean that [almost] the same information cannot be preserved in each.


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