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    > >Just an update that the deaths so far are in the hundreds.
    > >Will the meme now lose influence? Or will it continue?
    > >Or will it be seen in a large context as part of the clash between the
    > >Islamic meme set and the memes of western culture?
    > >On the basis of EP memetics and war, my bet is that until the population
    > >growth of Islamic parts of the world goes below the economic growth and
    > >stays there for a generation there will be continuing problems with
    > >growing out of this and similar memes.
    > >Outright international wars don't look all that likely because of the
    > >technological gap. Civil wars are a different matter.


    Atleast I do think you have to extend your view about the ' why ' tribes kill off the one next door. The next is my attempt to try to see it otherwise....

    << We see that all formative processes are self- developing, in the sense that within an appropriate environment they tend to form structures which facilitate the further development of the process_ thus by recognizing this characteristic we can agree on the fact that those who act organised about attacking at appropriate times their closest neighbours would do better. Moreover, that achieving/ developing such reaction would become more evident in the future when needed. But where such form molds and matures the social community further, other forms of thought; the interplay between past, todays and future words/ convictions/ behaviours disappears and is getting absorbed on the moment by the tribes attempts to kill off the one next door.

    To what extend are forms of thought about war and death preserved/ glori- fied / reveal themselves and others which make a greater use of the records of the past ( peace/ solidarity/ generosity) simply forgotten !? Where is the influence of the past records gone on the moments that present stimuli stage the development for an armed struggle !? It seems that the contrast between the two lines of thought is inherent to the ways our brain functions. We modern people do live by the grace of a current affairs realization which demands a systematic forgetting.

    This is the curse laid on homo sapiens_ as an intellectual being he cannot escape this dichotomy untill one of the elements into the equation exhaust itself. But which one !? War of peace ? Egoism or solidarity ? Tragedy or pleasure ? Staticity or dynamism ? Clearity or darkness ? Retreat or attack
    ? Intellectual man has no choise to follow the path which sharpes primitive cries and chants in becoming static_ war must persist in peace, egoism shapes solidarity and altruism, tragedy draws the outlines of happiness, the spirit and soul matters, freedom is a necessity. Static concepts like these are not unchangable or periodic, they represent aspects of an evolutionary process. The fact that the two attitudes correspond to a different condition of thought means that man can live/ act/ behave/ embrace co- operations or polarisations and ends up into pure opposition/ idealism/ totalitarism or stands for compo- nents like consideration/ ethics/ morality_ the difference between respect and efficiency and collectivism and nationalism.

    But what do we actually forget ? It needs a further check to what extend any cataclysm is the beginning for the way to/ the inexistence of any word/ image/ point/ thing to quite its opposite ! We make choises, but somewhere down the line we don 't know which way to turn next. Time, space, comprehension, discussion, discours have been given to us from the start, but always death, contradiction, strangeness have been waiting there for us in the dark. Ever since we say everything can go, there is nothng more to be said ! For things to be said_ in the final evolution_ we must forget. Considered as such, the argument takes place in my mind, and as little as it may take, it is nonetheless entirely there_ something else is forces to mute. But what do we actually forget ? War is accompied by a burst of words, threats, rages, incarnates hysteria of speech. All of a sudden we understand the comments and grasp their meaning. But what did we actually forget in such a moment of wordly delirium !? This may be worth stopping at !

    Do we actually forget what peace is all about in times of war !? Do we not know, now that any evolution without instinction is a truly death business !? Especially since it may allows us to think that war might conceal other reasons than just open ways to end misery, hunger and the inevitable disturbances generated by a resource crunch. There are reasons of an entirely different nature, less exterior. Intrinsic, so to speak, to the very constitution of the human being. In this hypothesis, it's the human himself that would draw from within the strenght to fight, at each moment to determine a more essential possibility, to lame attempts for resistance; it's the human object his own manner to remain natures pure virtility. Let us simply consider the fact that if as has been said, we must forget, it follows logically that the mode of language is one of not being. This should be obvious. For, if forgetting precedes conversation, forgetting outlives it. It is first and last ! First, like a reminder of what was there before, and last, of what we cannot return to. Once the conversation is over, the forgetting begins. But all the more war coincides with the acknowlegment that conversation failed all together and that makes we did forget the words we drag be- hind up to the point that we loose their selective capacities.

    We hardly can conceal the brutal pounding of the sounds of the planes flying overhead and the bombs. And rather sinister the characteristics of words, of tones are reduced to pulp, knocking over the exquisiteness of hearing; inflicting violence. And we can be all the more surprised then to see we are caught up in a network of simple blows, discriminations and increasing excesses of in- tolerance, butchering, damage, chupping everything to bits. War itself is a great deal of noise, of bombs and certainly of words which detach themselves from the rubble and save the day.

    Lets talk !!!!!

    Written by Kenneth Van Oost, March 2006

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