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From: Keith Henson (hkhenson@rogers.com)
Date: Fri 10 Mar 2006 - 00:12:06 GMT

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    >Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 13:34:47 -0500
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    >From: Keith Henson <hkhenson@rogers.com>
    >Subject: Re: Cartoon meme
    >Just an update that the deaths so far are in the hundreds.
    >Will the meme now lose influence? Or will it continue?
    >Or will it be seen in a large context as part of the clash between the
    >Islamic meme set and the memes of western culture?
    >On the basis of EP memetics and war, my bet is that until the population
    >growth of Islamic parts of the world goes below the economic growth and
    >stays there for a generation there will be continuing problems with
    >growing out of this and similar memes.
    >Outright international wars don't look all that likely because of the huge
    >technological gap. Civil wars are a different matter.
    >Keith Henson

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