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Date: Thu 09 Mar 2006 - 22:20:20 GMT

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    >It would be very interesting to see your brainactivity while remembering
    >this and what areas in your brain are triggered when you recall hearing this
    >music. I think it might hold part of the answer to your question.

    It's already been done. It's called a "brain itch" apparently.

    I remember reading about it some time ago:

    I would be interested to know why it's always the really irritating tunes that get stuck there, rather than your favourites that you'd be happy to listen to all day long.


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    >Right. I have a tricky one (and an old one, but for some reason I was
    >engrossed in it last night):
    >I have always considered myself quite lucky in being one of these people
    >with a jukebox in their head (I can run through whole albums in some cases).
    >Now I wouldn't claim that what I imagine/recall is precisely what one might
    >find on vinyl, but it is pretty convincing, which is the crux...
    >So am I literally 'hearing' it (could someone _very_ clever ultimately rig a
    >sensor to a speaker and hear it for real -- sort of 'playing' the
    >(~)meme(plex), or am I remembering the experience of hearing it (sort of an
    >extended self-delusory episode)? Is this like what I 'see' which is in fact
    >radically different from the pattern of light impacting my retinas, having
    >been heavily processed, mapped onto objects and so on? I'm pretty sure that
    >auditory cortex will be lighting up, but we couldn't really say why.
    >On a tangent, it strikes me that tunes make for meme amenable to study as we
    >shortcut most of the internal representational issues.
    >Anyway, logorrhoea sufferers abhor a vacuum (which is why my carpets are
    >Cheers, Chris.

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