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From: Kate Distin (
Date: Thu 09 Mar 2006 - 11:13:29 GMT

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    Mogens Olesen wrote:
    > I'm glad to hear that the meme river hasn't died out :-)
    > As one of the first assignments of my ph.d.-project (called Memetic Media
    > History), I'm going to give an introductory presentation on memetics in a
    > cognitive-evolutionary oriented study group. My plan is to give a short tour
    > through the memetics classics. I'm still relatively new to this field but so
    > far I'm thinking about including Richard Dawkins, Susan Blackmore, Dan
    > Dennett, Derek Gatherer and Kate Distin. Any thoughts on this collection?
    > Did I forget anyone?
    > Mogens

    It would be worth looking also at Robert Aunger. As well as writing 'The Electric Meme' he's also edited a very useful collection, 'Darwinizing Culture' - although come to think of it that might take you into broader controversies about the status of memetics than you're wanting for an introductory presentation. Maybe save 'Darwinizing Culture' for later!


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