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From: Keith Henson (
Date: Sat 18 Feb 2006 - 06:01:54 GMT

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    At 04:18 PM 2/17/2006 -0800, Ted wrote:


    >We may also speak of a memetic field that embraces the individuals
    >under the influence of the cartoons and their associated mnemes. The more
    >people drawn into the field, the more powerful it becomes.

    I don't grok mnemes or "memetic field" but it probably doesn't matter.

    >But ultimately
    >the cartoons cease to be current, that is, the current is reduced and
    >eventually cuts out. At that point the memetic field dies, and the
    >associated mnemes return to their dormant state.

    Or this might be known as the "cartoon" war and a hundred million people will die.

    I have this horrible thought that the original function of memes might have been to synch a band's warrior up to an attempt to kill off the tribe next door when the inevitable overpopulation generated a resource crunch.

    It is obvious to me that those who were organized about attacking at appropriate times would do better than those who could not get organized.


    Keith Henson

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