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Date: Mon 13 Feb 2006 - 22:07:08 GMT

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    Well it might be a more restricted utilitarianism, or it might be that the reference class for evaluating acts is the universal of Muslims. On 14/02/2006, at 4:53 AM, Wade Allsopp wrote:

    > I think its got zero to do with Benthan and utlilitarianism. The
    > key tenet of
    > utilitarianism is universalism - the idea that it doesn't matter
    > who you make happy or sad,
    > you just need to add up all the happyness/sadness or utility.
    > Whatever is going through their mind, I think we can be pretty
    > sure that the bombers attribute little
    > or no value to the suffering and pain they cause to their victims
    > and their families, indeed the general
    > presumption seems to be the more Jews or non Muslims that are
    > killed the better.
    > I'm also pretty sure that they believe they are acting highly
    > morally. It's just that (I would guesss) 99%
    > of non muslims would disagree and maybe 80% (?) of muslims too.
    > Wade
    > On 2/13/06, Chris Taylor <> wrote: > Virgins
    > or not, a few folks, even adults, seem to think blowing yourself
    > > up and killing innocents is a good thing to do. To me, that
    > sounds like
    > > not knowing right from wrong, which qualifies as crazy in many
    > Western
    > > jurisdictions.
    > This is just a Bentham-style maximised benefit thing surely, not
    > immoral, just amoral..? Certainly not crazy (although I'd assert
    > rather misled).
    > Cheers, Chris.
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