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Date: Mon 13 Feb 2006 - 18:53:28 GMT

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    I think its got zero to do with Benthan and utlilitarianism. The key tenet of utilitarianism is universalism - the idea that it doesn't matter who you make happy or sad, you just need to add up all the happyness/sadness or utility.

    Whatever is going through their mind, I think we can be pretty sure that the bombers attribute little or no value to the suffering and pain they cause to their victims and their families, indeed the general presumption seems to be the more Jews or non Muslims that are killed the better.

    I'm also pretty sure that they believe they are acting highly morally. It's just that (I would guesss) 99% of non muslims would disagree and maybe 80% (?) of muslims too.


    On 2/13/06, Chris Taylor <> wrote:
    > > Virgins or not, a few folks, even adults, seem to think blowing yourself
    > > up and killing innocents is a good thing to do. To me, that sounds like
    > > not knowing right from wrong, which qualifies as crazy in many Western
    > > jurisdictions.
    > This is just a Bentham-style maximised benefit thing surely, not
    > immoral, just amoral..? Certainly not crazy (although I'd assert
    > rather misled).
    > Cheers, Chris.
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