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Date: Thu 09 Feb 2006 - 21:28:23 GMT

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    I don 't know if the following is to be read in the articles mentioned in this thread, but in the paper of today there is an article about a guy, Kaare Bluitgen , who is at the very origin of this ' meme'. Bluitgen writes books for children and for one he needed illustrations about Islam and Mohammed, but he never could find a decent designer to do the job. So, perhaps in an outburst of total dispair, he deplored this over against the noted paper Jyllands- Posten. The paper defied artists in declaring that they were to afraid, censored themselves, to blunt Muslims. The result were the 12 cartoons where now the half of the worlds is talking about.

    Bluitgen is sitting down, is confused and watches the show.... his book is his best selling so far....oh yeah !!!!!



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