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From: Douglas Brooker (
Date: Wed 08 Feb 2006 - 20:57:39 GMT

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    Keith Henson wrote:

    > For those who have been following the new, the cartoon meme (for want
    > of a better term) has reached a fairly high fraction of the
    > susceptible population after a build up that goes back several months.

    the reactions suggests that this is an outbreak of an existing meme rather than a new one.

    I'm not sure what names have been given to the memes that this is a reaction to. any suggestions?

    > I don't know exactly how to plot this over time, but it obviously
    > started small. As a data point there were just short of 1000 news
    > stories that the US version of Google News listed today.

    sort the googlenews search by date and go to the last page. I got reports dated 5 Feb about a Christian press in Florida publishing the cartoons. Nothing earlier.

    here's a timeline from BBC, date of publication was 30 September.

    latest story at the is that the original paper in Denmark is joining up with the Iranian paper that's having a holcaust cartoon contest - they're hoping to publish the winning entries jointly.

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