Determinism is super

From: Chris Taylor (
Date: Thu 02 Feb 2006 - 21:48:37 GMT

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    One thing from that discussion a while ago:

    "Without some true randomness in the universe, there can be no free will" was iirc approximately the assertion at one point?

    But it struck me recently; what sort of free will can one imagine one would have if the source of that apparent free will was simply a dice roll to select from a predefined (weighted) set of alternatives? Surely a world where everything is determined (but unknowable) gets much closer to the free will that we crave? Fine, it was always gonna happen that way, but the point is that it was always the case that you exercised your free will, the principle of which is not actually violated because the choice was there and nothing affected your making it, but you would always in an exact repeat of the universe have picked that!

    So you do have free will without randomness, in fact it is impossible _with_ it; but the way in which you will use it could always in principle be calculated (if we had perfect knowledge, including how to predict quantum weirdness -- the present theories suck obviously).

    Nice letter in Nature last week that reminds us that the existence of true randomness is only a theory.

    Cheers, Chris.


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