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Date: Thu 02 Feb 2006 - 12:16:04 GMT

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    >>Incidentally, Robert Wright, author of _Moral Animal_, an early popular
    >>book on EP, says that popular authors have a better gut feel for EP than
    >>any psychologist prior to the mid 1990s. That's because they are turning
    >>on deep seated EP rooted emotions. Consider The Fellowship of the Ring as
    >>an example.
    >Lol. Is this not just something of an indictment of a century of
    _Fellowship of the Ring_ was an attempt at a modern mythology, using older themes. If Keith wants to offer the generation of mythic themes as an example of implicit EP, he might consider that Jung was pondering the implications of an evolved mind for the human propensity to shared mythic themes across cultures LONG before Tooby and Cosmides saved the day. He might want to give Anthony Stevens (a fellow EP enthiasiast and bona fide Jungian) a read.

    Ernst Haeckel talks of a "phylogenetic psychology" in his _The Riddle of the Universe_ published at the turn of last century.

    Why is it that EP'ers feel the need to portray EP as salvation for psychology? After a while this repetitive hyperbole starts sounding like the health food/vitamin propaganda against the pharmaceutical companies.

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