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From: Kenneth Van Oost (kennethvanoost@belgacom.net)
Date: Mon 30 Jan 2006 - 08:17:57 GMT

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    > From: Kate Distin <memes@distin.co.uk>
    > > I was not brought up as a Christian.
    > > I lived as an atheist for a decade.
    > > My children know that other people have other faiths, and none.
    > > I'm sorry that my Christianity makes you so angry. I think you and I
    > > have to agree to differ about this one. I can't see any point in
    > > debating it further with you.
    > << First, I am not angry, far from it ! He, this is a discussion forum, so
    > when
    > hard words has to fall- on the other hand though, I 'm surprised about
    > reaction ! As it was I attacked you personaly, it was just my way to show
    > how
    > difficult, how sometimes impossible it will be to learn kids another view
    > about
    > life/ culture/ society than the one they were brought up in.
    > You have to realize that each ideology will try to persuade/ convert as
    > people as possible that its views are the right ones and it will try to
    > squeeze
    > society into its convictions_ so in a way, even how hard you will try to
    > learn
    > your children that indeed other convictions exist and that people live by
    > its
    > rules, your children will take their learned philosophy into society and
    > change
    > it accordingly.
    > The problem I got with it all is that you start from the presupposition
    > the
    > human is a social being and not from the modern conviction that he is from
    > his
    > bias up a pure and simple individual. We ought to say within the context
    > that
    > religion has to become more than ever, a private matter.
    > And that is just what happened_ modern times sees religion, and its annex
    > ' weltanschauung ' as a pure private character. But one conception ( will
    > try
    > to) escape(s) from the commend of the private, and that is the belief in
    > in-
    > dividual and the personal character of religious and ideological ideas.
    > And thus, what else can it be, religion places itself within a privileged
    > position,
    > one that wants to be general and common. She, religion, justifies this
    > exception
    > by declaring that she is the (only) condition by which a society of free
    > individuals
    > will/ can be possible.
    > And that isn 't true !
    > We don 't need religion or any other ' belief ' to form ' community ' !
    > It is not so that when all individuals pursue their own personal interest
    > that they
    > act egoistic, what they do_ being altruistic, helping people, giving to
    > charity_ or
    > not, helps the builiding of society. Humans do NOT act like they were homo
    > homini lupus !! People loose themselves within to help others and endure
    > pain of their losses. We don 't need the or any co- ordination ( of
    > religion) to
    > act in that way ! We do not longer trust religion, or politics_ any system
    > that
    > brings out ' community ', just because as the individuals we are_ we have
    > even
    > privatized our sense of ( giving) trust_ we keep it for those
    > we see
    > as worthwhile, and no longer for society/ politics, let stand alone
    > !!
    > The main difficulty for many as for you and for your kids I presume is
    > you
    > can 't suppose that we deal here with individuals/ individuality and that
    > then
    > politics/ the social shows itself as a problem wherefor only a quasi-
    > religious
    > solution is the answer.
    > Modernity should correct this and then, I hope the social/ political
    > dimension
    > will be, once again, a natural fact of being human !
    > Being religious is not !
    > Where society/ politics or culture for that matter should provide the
    > answers
    > for the todays problems where we all faced with, we search into a
    > which is not part of this world. Transcedention is NOT the answer !!!
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth

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