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From: Kate Distin (
Date: Thu 26 Jan 2006 - 22:13:57 GMT

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    Kenneth Van Oost wrote:
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    > From: Kate Distin <>
    > You wrote,
    >>What you're really asking, though, is whether it is ok to impose false
    >>beliefs upon your children. It may not be ok but it is unavoidable.
    >>We're all wrong about something, and so long as we don't know what it is
    >>(or, let's face it, what the vast range of things are) we shall continue
    >>to behave as though we are right, and pass it on to our children. We
    >>can't help it.
    > ....and then you write,
    >>BUT what we can do is let them know that there are alternatives out
    >>there; people who believe different things. If your Elvisian secluded
    >>his children and pretended, somehow, that everyone else believed in him
    >>too, then we'd have moved into a different realm I feel.
    > << That is a paradox ! Are you giving your children all the chances they can
    > get to learn about the alternatives !? Do you learn, explain to your
    > children,
    > of which I understand you bring them up in a christian way_ that atheism
    > exists, that humanism is around, that people believe that any is just an
    > illision,
    > that the believing itself in a god is a question that their mother can 't
    > cope with
    > the existing world around her as its stands, that their mother needs an '
    > outsider '
    > to go round in society, in her social intercourses, in her cultural working
    > environ-
    > ment, in her political points of view !? Do you let them know that there
    > alterntives !?
    > And what if the kids will know what the alternatives hold within !?
    > And what if one breaks away and embraces atheism !?
    > Will you continu to behave as you were right !? I doubt it !
    > You will continu to ' force ' your children to follow ' the right way ',
    > that is the
    > christian way ! You were brought up in such a manner, and two, more
    > important
    > as the first, you haven 't got a clue how to behave as an atheist or like a
    > social
    > humanist ! How could you as you yourself were completelty surrounded with
    > and
    > within christian memes !?
    > How would you explain to a kid that from now on he may be bildung himself,
    > that
    > his belief in a god was a mistake, that isn 't a big issue for his mother
    > and that he will
    > get all the support from his environment when necessary !?
    > Good luck !
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth

    Dear Kenneth,

    I was not brought up as a Christian.

    I lived as an atheist for a decade.

    My children know that other people have other faiths, and none.

    I'm sorry that my Christianity makes you so angry. I think you and I have to agree to differ about this one. I can't see any point in debating it further with you.

    Best, Kate

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