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Date: Thu 26 Jan 2006 - 20:07:33 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: Kate Distin <> You wrote,
    > What you're really asking, though, is whether it is ok to impose false
    > beliefs upon your children. It may not be ok but it is unavoidable.
    > We're all wrong about something, and so long as we don't know what it is
    > (or, let's face it, what the vast range of things are) we shall continue
    > to behave as though we are right, and pass it on to our children. We
    > can't help it.

     ....and then you write,
    > BUT what we can do is let them know that there are alternatives out
    > there; people who believe different things. If your Elvisian secluded
    > his children and pretended, somehow, that everyone else believed in him
    > too, then we'd have moved into a different realm I feel.

    << That is a paradox ! Are you giving your children all the chances they can get to learn about the alternatives !? Do you learn, explain to your children, of which I understand you bring them up in a christian way_ that atheism exists, that humanism is around, that people believe that any is just an illision, that the believing itself in a god is a question that their mother can 't cope with the existing world around her as its stands, that their mother needs an ' outsider ' to go round in society, in her social intercourses, in her cultural working environ- ment, in her political points of view !? Do you let them know that there alterntives !? And what if the kids will know what the alternatives hold within !? And what if one breaks away and embraces atheism !? Will you continu to behave as you were right !? I doubt it !

    You will continu to ' force ' your children to follow ' the right way ', that is the christian way ! You were brought up in such a manner, and two, more important as the first, you haven 't got a clue how to behave as an atheist or like a social humanist ! How could you as you yourself were completelty surrounded with and within christian memes !? How would you explain to a kid that from now on he may be bildung himself, that his belief in a god was a mistake, that isn 't a big issue for his mother and that he will get all the support from his environment when necessary !? Good luck !



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