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Date: Sun 22 Jan 2006 - 16:39:18 GMT

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    > Parental attitudes: to whether smacking is acceptable; to the importance
    > of fashion; to racism; to sex; to money; to work; to education; to
    > marriage . . . the list is almost endless.
    > Parental beliefs in matters of: religion; politics; the role of Santa
    > and the tooth fairy in childhood; etc.
    > The first RS you learn as a means of representing information in:
    > natural language; mathematics; music; written language; horology; etc.

    << Yes, but there is no ' harmful cultus ' attached to language, words can kill and words had been the reason to kill people ! As to what extent po- litics is to be harmful for those involved and for those living within the system is open for debate; as to where a political system becomes a belief/ religion, like communism and nazism is a whole other matter but lets stick to the mono- theistic religions. That we learn our children not to curse is ok, the reason is social and is part of being polite, but that we learn our children that there is one god and in a matter of dispute it is better to turn the other cheek is one hell of another ! Who is he to say that I am not allowed to watch my neighbours wife !? If it stays by only watching what the hack and what if the watching involves attraction and in the end a sexual element !? Will you teach your children that it is wrong to propagate my genes/ memes in order so that the species evolves !?

    And what about my own survival and that of the neighbouring blondie !? Is she not allowed to search for the best possible genes/ memes so that her offspring gets a jump- start !? Will you teach your children that perspective !? I keep opposed to all kinds of belief that restrict human thinking in any way !

    The start of any possible change begins with the parents who in the end and from the beginning must begin to critize their own beliefs and attitudes. It is not that my parents were afraid of cars boiling down their street by the turn of the century_ and they give me a horrible fright of all what is technological_ that I have to follow in their footsteps. If one day I see what technology can do for me, must I obey such stupid notions !? By contributing no critical argument/ viewpoint to their own belief parents will make children by their own image, but is it that what they really want !? How many conflicts haven't been fought since when children tried to break free from their parential trap !?

    Language, and what is within the society and culture needed to pass the time/ day to become an adult is far more less harmful than what parents and others teach children if religion is concerned. That the christian faith had laid down its buildingblocks in our streets of the towns of out days, there is no doubt, but God is dead ! We're free individuals, take it with both hands, think for yourself, be yourself and throw away all that religious holds you down, manipulates your mind and holds back all of your reflexibility, responsibility and voluntariness.



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