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Date: Fri 20 Jan 2006 - 18:58:16 GMT

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    Just to say a *big* thanks to everyone who contributed ideas for my memetics presentation in December. I found out today I'd got an A
    (combined mark for both the presentation plus a written component). Comments were:

    Presentation: Congratulations - we thought this was easily the best presentation we saw to date and this is reflected in the mark. It was delivered in a confident manner, you used lots of techniques to make it more interesting and it was well referenced and gave a balanced view.

    Wiki: The wiki pages are equally good - they reflect and add to the presentation and are very well referenced and illustrated.

    The techniques I think he is referring to are the use of props and the copying experiment - which were suggested on this list. I'm chuffed with this because it all counts towards the class of degree I receive. So many thanks for the input people!

    On a related note, and possibly of interest to people, I had the exam last week, and one of the choices of questions was:

    What is "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" and why does Daniel Dennett seem to think some researchers are scared of embracing it? [50 marks]

    And in looking through the past exam papers, on the 2005 paper there was:

    Could the key ideas of dualism be said to form the basis of a very successful meme? [50 marks]


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