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Date: Thu 19 Jan 2006 - 19:44:27 GMT

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    > The same point stands in response to Kenneth's question whether religion
    > is a mental disease. Language like this (or like Dawkins's "mental
    > virus") implies that religion is something harmful and misguided, but
    > neurological explanations of religion are no more relevant to the
    > question of God's existence than evolutionary explanations are.


    Reading what you have been thru', you got my sympathy, but no more than that. It is not that god exist that everything is allowed and all can and may be said or done in his name ! I am sorry to say, but in the context of this forum, your mind is infected with memes that never will die, moreover, " God is not dead, nor is he dying, be- cause such a cock- up won 't die, an illusion never dies, a fairytale will never be refuted. ", that writes Michel Onfrey in his new book ' Atheology '. Who today doesn 't believe, the atheist_ like me_ gets cursed, loathed and is consired as being immoral and repulsive.

    I am NOT, and I live my life by the rules of Nietzsche, Ubermensch- thought, not the kind that was used by the Nazis, but the thought that we can become, more human ' above- human ', by being an individual and an atheist ! I don 't need any god, I don 't need Nietzsche as he himself said it so many times before to be the one I want to be. Oh, I ought, I must...must I....following rules and orders, but I want to express my own judgments, I obey my rules, I got autonomy and desire freedom. Within a religious context I ain 't gonna get so many chances, we must make a start to a post- christian worldview, " militant atheistic and a radical opponent for the choise between a jewish- christian society and het combatting Islamitic one ". ( Onfrey)

    I believe, that is quite another thing that being religious, that Dawkins is right in fighting religion. There is only one world and the one is here under own feet. No Thora, no Bible and no Koran, but only an extreme criticism of the pure, consequent rational reason. No Kate, being religious is in my book, being soft and weak, you need some- thing trancedental, something outside yourself to be yourself or at least believe you got an ' oneself ' . You need a will of your own to stand above religion and fight it. Religion forces you to let it all go and forces you to live according its own rules. Who is in the wrong here !?

    " If God doesn 't exist, everthing is allowed ", writes Dostojevski but Onfrey turnes it upside down and says, " just because God exists everthing is allowed ", and that is so damn true ! That praying makes you feel better, well so be it, but I don 't believe in any supernatural being or force that will or can guide my life. I lost my parents, I got personal downfalls and I failed in many things, but my misfortune ascribe to a old man in the sky, thank you !

    Regards, No harm intented,


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