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Date: Thu 19 Jan 2006 - 21:06:58 GMT

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    > In fact, from what I've read today, I'm inclined to think that perhaps
    > Dawkins is a little too hard on religion after all.

    << No he is Not ! On the contrary, but Dawkins should think twice and consider more his own ideas about memes and what these things can do with one's mind !

    Memes, ideas, " phrases about this world " aren 't no soley reflections of reality, actually those give the reality an effective form. We need a kind of ' relativistic criticism ', where we start from the notice that everything is built upon a bias of uncertainty, including religion abd science. And being both parts equal uncertain in what they claim to be the truth, they got a bias for open debate and dicussion. The problem for religion and science, and thus for Dawkins, is that all claim to have the truth in the palm of their hands. All consider their viewpoint better of the one they fight. But in both cases they avoid the consideration that one other voice than God or the Facts speak the words of what they consider of being the truth. It is a prophet, an intellectual, a scientist who did it for them. Knowing and understanding that gives rise to a mere open and more responsible discussion.



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