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Date: Tue 17 Jan 2006 - 16:19:49 GMT

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    Chris Taylor wrote:
    > Seriously though, thank you for that. I'm determined to refrain from the
    > easy counter arguments, as rehearsing some variant of the roll of luck
    > theme is anticipated by your post anyway but I would ask if you have
    > ever had a failed prayer? Did it fall under the 'don't ask to find money
    > when you dig in the garden / don't try to stop a clock / god helps those
    > who help themselves' thing?

    My answer is going to sound horribly wishy-washy but, hey, I think we can say that my head's firmly above the parapet now, so here goes. I don't think that I have ever prayed and not been answered. Of course I don't always know the outcome of prayers - if they're for people I don't know, for example. When I do, I've found that the outcome is not always immediate, not always quite what I was expecting, but always identifiable. But you're right of course. There are some things I wouldn't pray for in the first place (favoured team to win football match, Christmas sprouts to turn into chocolate, etc.).

    > P.S. You wouldn't be experimenting on us for book two would you?

    Oh, suspicious one. Book two is "Gifted Children: A Guide for Parents and Professionals" (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, April 2006). And thank you. I've been wondering how with a clear conscience I could get a plug in on such a completely irrelevant list.

    Ok, maybe not a *totally* clear conscience.


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