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Date: Tue 17 Jan 2006 - 09:05:13 GMT

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    At 08:49 17/01/2006, Kate wrote:

    >And if by "supernatural forces" you mean God, then yes of course I
    >believe that He still acts in the world today. That kind of goes
    >with the Christian thing .

    But that "action" could be, as Dostoyevsky suggests in Karamazov, along the lines of the idea of God inspiring people to change their lives. That wouldn't be, I shouldn't think, supernatural in any way
    (although psychologically interesting).

    Do you know Don Cupitt? I never met him, but he was all the rage during my time in Cambridge. Is he still Dean of Queen's? My impression of the "Anglican Buddhism" thing was that it was possible to have a non-supernatural religion.

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