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From: Kate Distin (
Date: Mon 16 Jan 2006 - 16:50:39 GMT

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    Richard Brodie wrote:
    > Kate wrote:
    > <<The same point stands in response to Kenneth's question whether religion
    > is a mental disease. Language like this (or like Dawkins's "mental
    > virus") implies that religion is something harmful and misguided, but
    > neurological explanations of religion are no more relevant to the question
    > of God's existence than evolutionary explanations are.>>
    > Is there really a question about God's existence among scientists? I don't
    > see how it is possible to postulate the supernatural and then claim to
    > explain and predict phenomena.
    > Richard Brodie
    Check out the president & vice-presidents of Christians in Science - - for a sample of the sorts of respected scientists who would say that it's perfectly possible.


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