Judge Jones Defines Science--and Why Intelligent Design Isn't

From: Derek Gatherer (d.gatherer@vir.gla.ac.uk)
Date: Fri 06 Jan 2006 - 09:14:30 GMT

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    "Excerpts from the decision" are at the bottom of the page, including:

    1) ID violates the centuries-old ground rules of science by invoking and permitting supernatural causation;

    2) The argument of irreducible complexity, central to ID, employs the same flawed and illogical contrived dualism that doomed creation science in the 1980s, and;

    3) ID's negative attacks on evolution have been refuted by the scientific community. It has not generated peer-reviewed publications, nor has it been the subject of testing and research.

    Argument 2 addresses Hoyle's Fallacy, as previously mentioned ad nauseam by me.....

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