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Date: Thu 15 Dec 2005 - 20:31:08 GMT

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    > Car wrecks typically involve some cosmetic damage to the vehicle or a
    > certain degree of personal injury, sometimes death. They happen quite
    > and the deadly wrecks tend to make the news. Deadly wrecks do have an
    > on society, both personally and economically. The personal losses affect
    > immediate family and friends of the victim.
    > The possibility of global catastrophe due to asteroid impact spawned
    > movies. I remember _Deep Impact_ and _Armageddon_ as being notable recent
    > contagious fear sources.

    Hi Scott,

    Yes I do understand, but the point I wanna make is that we ain 't got a represen- tative frame to picture ourselves what really would happen if an asteroid would hit. We have representative frameworks to picture ourselves what would happen if we were involved in a carcrash, even we can image what can happen if we would take the wheel with too mush to drink, or being sick behind the wheel.

    We got ' representative frameworks ' to image what happened or what should happen if an asteroid would hit, history and geology bring in the evidence, but that ain 't the same with the ' knowledge ' we should be gathering if a real hit would occur. Experience we have not ! Films like those you mentioned are hollywood- style and can be completely wrong along the line. We can bring the hit alive by PC and technology, but the real thing would be something different.

    Remerber, Shumacher, the guy who always claimed that the earth was struck in the past by asteroids, and big ones, was proven right_ LIVE_ when some asteroid smashed into Jupiter. We need this represntative framework to get us a " real picture ". We got one for an asteroid smashing into Jupiter, but we ain 't got one for one smashing onto earth. Even we got emotional bounds with those involved in accidents and other terrible things, we ain 't got a single clue how the impact will have it outcome on any economical/ social/ political and other ground. We can take everything into account and set up a model and calculate the odds, but without any representative framework, any model will be faced, some time, with the truth.



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