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Date: Thu 08 Dec 2005 - 20:32:47 GMT

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    > That is largely my question: ARE they information (and in
    > what sense)? Because it seems that something like "equality"
    > is very polysemous, and that enhances its longevity. It is
    > attractive to people because its meaning seems so grounded,
    > or evident, but it tends to get deployed with very different
    > connotations and effects. So my difficulty is trying to
    > think _what_ about equality is memetic (or what defines
    > equality as a meme): is it the term itself, and its
    > replication is enhanced by this perceived universality of
    > meaning? Or is it something about the information it
    > embodies. And if the latter is the case (which seems more in
    > line with memetics, to my understanding), how to pinpoint
    > the "essence" of the meme, given its variable usage
    > throughout history and across contexts.

    Davi, Greatings from Belgium and welcome to the list,

    In my view of memetics, and to understand what is a meme, you need the whole package. What is the essence of the meme, what thus clings on to our mind and propagates and evolves, we don 't really know. What alights ' eqaulity ' !? What goes on in your mind, what kind of all thoughts sweap across those grey cells thinking about it !? All kinds of ideologies related elements, social and political concepts spring to mind and set your brain on fire. But that ain 't the whole of the story ! What is interesting is to ' see ' further, what is equality all about, and I do mean ALL !? What is it for you, for members of this list, for prisoners, for the poor, for man and women across the globe !? For all equality is different and something different, but it is for all meme- tic and the memes dragged from it, form the bias where those people live by or should be or forced to.

    You can loosen up a bit the contained information and say, well equality that is for me...that, but it ain 't possible to redraw it completely from the original concept what equality IS. What it IS, can 't be said, what you or me or anyone else makes of it, is open for personal interpretation, even the political concept where we live in says it otherwise. Whites and coloured people in the US are equal, but are they !? Who is to say that you may not work here or aren 't allowed to take a seat on a bus !? Is it the overall political concept or individual interpre- tations !? You need both to get to the information contained within the concept.

    What equality finally means or IS stays to be seen, to be discovered every day across the world by all of us.



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