Giving a presentation on memetics

From: Ben Dawson (
Date: Sat 26 Nov 2005 - 17:23:46 GMT

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    Hi all,

    I'm an undergraduate University student in Derby, England. As part of my coursework for the Philosophy of AI module I am studying, I am giving a presentation on memetics, which is an area of great interest to me.

    The presentation is to a group of students who don't have the first idea about memes, so I have to keep it basic. I'll be talking about Dawkins's introduction of the concept, giving views from various people including Blackmore, Dennett and Kate Distin, and giving viewpoints opposing the theory (Steven Rose, Mary Midgeley).

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could jazz-up this presentation, in order to put the topic across in a novel way?

    For example, I had thought of playing one of those annoying mobile ringtones at the start in order to demonstrate a clear example of what a meme could be. However, I'm after something a bit more novel - something that will really add sparkle to the talk.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Or any advice about the talk in general?


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