Re: Miroslav Hill responds

From: Derek Gatherer (
Date: Wed 23 Nov 2005 - 08:51:08 GMT

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    Just ask him. I think you'll find the reply interesting.

    At 22:51 22/11/2005, you wrote:
    > > From: Derek Gatherer <>
    > >
    > > What I'd like to ask Dr Hill is, when he splits the unexposed
    > > culture, do the cells to be exposed to the agent go into the same
    > > flask as the previous exposure was carried out in? Or is the
    > > exposure culture set up in a clean flask each time?
    >Your question seems to be irrelevant. Even if Hill failed to switch out the
    >flask into which he placed the exposed culture (a doubtful prospect) how
    >would this result in contanimation of unexposed cultures?

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