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Date: Fri 18 Nov 2005 - 12:12:16 GMT

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    Dace wrote:

    No one knows how genes calculate the correct sequence of combinations to produce complete organisms from a single cell. Given the laws of combinatorics, this task would appear to be impossible.

    My reply:

    They used to rely on the abacus, but then calculators were invented ;-)

    You need to read Sean Carroll's _Endless Forms Most Beautiful_. See the parts where he talks about genetic switches.


    Dace: continues:

    Every morphic field requires a morphogen (Sheldrake's terminology). Without human DNA serving as a morphogen, human developmental fields won't kick in, and no embryo will form. So too, without a receiver, no transmission will enter a radio.

    My reply:

    Could you please explain how human DNA serves as a morpogen? How does DNA, which is basically the same in each cell of the organism (with a few exceptions) and confined to the nucleus, form a gradient based field outside the cell? That would be a trick. Don't confuse genes for their products (RNA and proteins). I've heard retinoic acid mentioned as a possible morphogen and it certainly ain't DNA.

    This causes me to ask a serious question: Do you know what you're talking about? If not why should we listen to your objections to modern developmental biology.

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