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From: Derek Gatherer (
Date: Thu 17 Nov 2005 - 10:08:20 GMT

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    At 21:50 16/11/2005, Dace wrote:

    >How do we get from molecular disorder to proteins
    >and organelles? How can we account for large-scale cellular order according
    >to the model of contact mechanics? Where's the evidence that higher-level
    >order is built up, machine-like, from molecular components?
    >Secondly, it's not enough to simply link genotype to phenotype. Where is
    >the causal chain linking transcription of DNA to multicellular structures?

    I'll try the first one of these: How do we get from molecular disorder to proteins and organelles?

    But first I need to know more about exactly what you mean by
    "molecular disorder". Proteins are manufactured in cells, and cells are highly ordered, so I'm not sure why you think that we have to be able to explain "molecular disorder -> protein" (that's Hoyle's fallacy again - I think your "cloud" analogy is another manifestation of that, anybody who's spent any time looking down a microscope would never think of using such an analogy). I'd like to rephrase the question as simply "how do we get proteins?" which is fairly straightforward to answer.

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