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Date: Thu 10 Nov 2005 - 05:04:44 GMT

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    --- Dace <> wrote:
    > Reductionistic biology cannot explain life. It can
    > only explain what life
    > would be like if it were actually machinery. In the
    > effort to explain life,
    > as opposed to mechanisms masquerading as life, we
    > have no choice but to
    > posit two things: field and memory. We must have
    > holistic coordination of
    > disparate activities, and we must have memory to
    > guide the field. You have
    > yet to offer any reason as to why a memory-based
    > morphogenetic field is
    > impossible. Since the memory/field hypothesis is
    > the only hypothesis that
    > can explain the basic features of life, including
    > our own experience of
    > being alive, the burden is on you to explain why
    > it's impossible.
    It's sheer hubris to demand that those following standard accepted ideas have the onus on them to demonstrate that ideas outside the mainstream are impossible. I'd assume the burden of showing importance goes the other way. If someone could show mnemic fields to be a reasonable explanation for natural phenomena based on evidence that supports the idea, I would assume that this would become an accepted view. I doubt there's a conspiracy afoot to keep morphic resonance at bay. It's probably more the case that convincing evidence has not been put forward.

    OTOH geneticists and molecular biologists have offeed compelling evidence for their views, from Memdel through Watson/Crick and onward.
    > You must explain why there cannot be a memory-based
    > morphogenetic field.
    > What principles of existence are violated by such a
    > field?
    No. You need to offer compelling evidence for such things that would pass muster in a peer reviewed journal of developmental biology or other relevant discipline. The onus is on you, not Derek. Derek may choose to point out flaws in your thinking iff he wishes, but he doesn't have to present a theory of everything (TOE) to satisfy your demands.

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