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Date: Tue 01 Nov 2005 - 20:28:32 GMT

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    > The problem is that the central actor of life, the organism, has been
    > photoshopped out of the picture. A theory of evolution that places no
    > causal role in the intelligent adaptations of organisms is not a viable
    > theory. It's that simple.
    > Evolution is all about organisms adapting to environmental conditions such
    > that the adaptations become cumulative over the course of generations,
    > causing new species to emerge. In other words, species are self-created
    > rather than externally created. As Darwin pointed out, either we explain
    > how organisms generate functional and then structural adaptations which
    > become ingrained in progeny, or we don't have a theory of evolution.

    << But you have ! It is just that the evolution is now due to the level of thought, action and behavior rather than genetics ! The organism is the individual trying to cope with his always changing environment. The adaptations he made are cumulative transponded into his culture/ society. The species_ humankind_ is self- creating, but than only because all others influence the one from the external. Structural adaptations are ingrained, not direct in the progency but via a by- will do the trick! All of the info is functional and leads to a theory of evolution. Genetical evolution has ceased, memetical one is on the move...



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