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Date: Mon 31 Oct 2005 - 19:55:09 GMT

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    > Creationism only flourishes when people are poorly educated about biology.

    Right on Derek ! Give all you got....

    Not only that Derek, you got the right to be proper informed about biology and behavior and how they interact and influence eachother. Creatonists claim the right to inform kids that the world is the result of some spooky ID...! This has nothing to do with biology, all the more with religion and power !

    And ID !? It is more SD, Stupid Design ! Nature isn 't perfect and we ain 't perfect ! We have a blind spot in our eye, just because one of the nerves isn 't well placed. Man experience prostate- cancer just because the tubes aren 't bad connected. A good plummer or an goog engineer would have done the job better.

    But we have to be carefull anyway ! Conservative biologists and psycho- logists claim these days that the complexity of the female behavior is bound to genetics and thus biological determinated. The presumed complexity is then transponed to the cultural/ social environment and thus men and women are set against their own genetic/ natural heritage. Women are thus genetical determinated to be mothers; to clean the house; cook an look after the kids. Men are due to bring on the money; ride the bikes; drink beer and than fall flat on their faces.

    If you transpose such a view to a more directed context you get problems; women do experience the burden of the male bread- winner_ female take- care model which was so heavily applied in the ' 80. The bread- winner culture made/ makes that men don 't hestitate to redraw themselves out of the education of their children or out of the household all together. The cultural/ social tolerance for such an attitude stands in high contrast with the taboo that lies on those women who neglect their family. Who cares that kids don 't recognise the guy who cuts up the meat on Sunday....!! Women don 't have a choise, it is better to take care of things than being a bad mother.

    If we say that women don 't have the choise due to their genetic background, we 're even worse than those we fight.



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