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Date: Mon 31 Oct 2005 - 19:25:09 GMT

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    > Intelligence will find its way back in somehow, if not in the Darwinian
    > then in the creationist way.

    << Intelligence Ted !? What kinky kind did you have in mind !? I thought God, like Man was dead !! Aren 't we allowed to tell stories about ourselves these days or what !? We come up with one and if it doesn 't fit we change it for the better ! But that would be a problem if a kind of ID or a kind of God made up in advance all the rules, wouldn 't it !? It would be difficult to do something radical. We would always be on the road to the truth, up to the point where man wouldn 't be stranger to and for himself. But is that what we really want !? The story about ID/ or God is absolute ! And of those we had plenty, even Nietzsche knew that !!!

    Creatonism is, like the story where upon it is based, The Bible, fictional, it is NOT the way, even a better start, to a new praise of paradise,...oh, we' re lost_ our individual freedom and autonomy are only set by the rules of economy and technology; but what the heck ! We are no longer the object that needs to be ensured, guided by something/ somebody that stands completely out of ourselves. Like I said before, I defend the deep throat of individualism.

    Individual development and personal perfection are my motives. But those go hand in hand with political emancipation and social righteous- ness. And thus with dialogue, discours and debate. Why should I need a God to say, or guide me to the truth or paradise, if what I really want, I already got !? I am well- fed, not to say stuffed, I take up too much room, especially in the form of being indifferent, rude and even violent. The narcistic me, takes what it thinks it needs and that is a lot ! Moreover, I demand acknowledgement for what I do ( or don 't do) and respect for my top individual convictions and desires. Can God give me more !?

    What is the intellectual value of a design that allows me to be as ascribed as above !? If such ID gave me the ' freedom ' to be as I am today why introducing it back into the picture !? Darwinism is a theory, a mechanism to explain things. Creatonism is a story, a manner to bring forward a way of seeing things.

    I will fight it.....


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