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From: Kenneth Van Oost (kennethvanoost@belgacom.net)
Date: Fri 21 Oct 2005 - 19:46:49 GMT

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     << To Kepler it was enough that God linked man to nature; to Bruno it was not. Man must be understood as part of nature. So it seems rather strange that in Cologne thousands little bastards jubilated a past prime and comical institute like the Pope. That homosexuality for some and for who knows still for many is an issue. That woman still earn less than their husbands. That my generation alikes so much the ones we once fought. We got money, property, carriers and for many it became so important that we set aside principles we were willing to fight, even die for !

    That peoples of my generation have become so damned right, while the new generation isn 't that lefty to me either_ but more pragmatic [ the result isn 't another, better world anyway ]. We can become more than fatalistic and pos- tulate what philosophers say all the time :- that our identity isn 't quite our property, but is composed out of pieces of tradition and culture.

    That with others words, my progressiviness was part of the age_ worse_ A FAD !!! My ' leftiness ' wasn 't conducted within what is called puberty and that prooves in many ways the modern pragmatic adolescents. Maybe is being left an aberration and is man right by nature, or than yet again_ conservative !? People don 't like to change, so is my experience ! After all, I too like to stay within a world where the emancipation of the woman equals that of the man; where my homosexual friends can walk freely hand in hand with the ones they love in any street of any town of any country; where man realizes that ecology and economy aren 't opposites; a world that doesn 't belief in a hereafter, but then only in the story about it.

    In short, I refuse to accept that the world is changed_ moreover, that I have changed over the years. The one I see in the mirror isn 't anymore the one who joined the ranks of those who sought to fight the distress of the world. Now I emphasize more the static characteristics. I got nevertheless one consolation:- I will find it forever essential_ as neo- prime conservative to console the spirit to fight against the signs of the time !

    Marc Reugenbrink DM 21/09/2005 Translated by Kenneth Van Oost

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