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Date: Sat 15 Oct 2005 - 13:10:55 GMT

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    --- Robin Faichney <> wrote:

    > Friday, October 14, 2005, 11:32:12 PM, Ted wrote:
    > >> "Action at a distance" is a profoundly
    > unscientific concept.
    > >> Like "intelligent design" it's an attempt to
    > dignify ignorance and
    > >> make it permanent. Can't see how a particular
    > cellular mechanism could
    > >> have evolved? Then it obviously must have been
    > designed! Can't find a
    > >> link in a supposed causal chain? Well, it must be
    > action at a
    > >> distance!
    > > Nice try. Would you claim that field theory is
    > profoundly unscientific?
    > > Where there is field, there is action at a
    > distance, be it gravitational,
    > > electromagnetic, or quantum.
    > Not at all. The whole point of field theory is that
    > it accounts
    > for what APPEARS to be action at a distance. What
    > mediates the force
    > is the field. We might not wholly understand it, but
    > it is detectable
    > and (allowing for the inherent difficulties of
    > operating at the
    > quantum level) measurable, unlike the influences you
    > propose. What's
    > unscientific is a supposed causal chain that lacks a
    > link. The field
    > is the link in electromagnetics etc. What's your
    > link?
    > > Of the various fields, the quantum field has
    > > the greatest resonance with life, for quantum
    > fields are probabilistic.
    > Quantum fields resonate with life because both are
    > probabilistic. I
    > guess this typifies your thinking.
    The fields postulated in developmental biology are quite a bit more down to earth than all this quantum stuff. Pretty much a conceptual tool that allows a way to look at how gene products come into play within given embryonic regions. No paranormal events allowed! Rather mundane if you ask me.

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