Re: The evolution of "evolution"

From: Derek Gatherer (
Date: Wed 05 Oct 2005 - 08:48:26 GMT

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    >I would not say "memory" speaking of the laws that are governing the
    >embryonic development, but why not?

    Because there are standard scientific way of speaking of them and
    "memory" is not one of them. It's a really bad analogy to what we know, at the molecular level, is going on.

    >"Ontogenesis" in the sense of the physical development of the embryo
    >is at odds with any Darwinist viewpoint, it's rather in perfect
    >agreement with the concept of "punctuated equilibrium". Here,
    >nuclear genes are not relevant.

    No, I disagree completely. How can you possibly say that nuclear genes are not relevant to the physical development of the embryo? It's been _totally_ proven that they are. I refer you to my previous answers to Ted.

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