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From: Scott Chase (
Date: Sat 06 Aug 2005 - 16:47:09 GMT

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    --- Lawrence deBivort <> wrote:

    > Hi, Scott and everyone,
    > In today's morning batch, no discernible Jewish
    > names. If this continues,
    > the 'Jewish spam names' pattern lasted discernibly
    > about five days, starting
    > as a smaller percentage of all spam names, and
    > building to the high that I
    > reported yesterday (thirteen of eighteen). I
    > couldn't associate the names
    > with any particular subset of spam subjects, and
    > today the spam subjects
    > seem normally distributed, as well. Only the names
    > have changed.
    > Is this significant?
    > I think it must be, in that spam names are all
    > deliberately and consciously
    > invented. So WHY the intense selection of Jewish
    > names?
    > I often suggest to my students that 'the meaning of
    > a communication lies in
    > the effect it produces' but this is a bit of a trick
    > assertion, but quite
    > memetic in spirit. If we follow its implications,
    > the question would be what
    > 'effect' the use of such explicitly Jewish names has
    > on the recipients of
    > the spam. For me, spam is quite negative, and the
    > author(s) may have
    > thought that this is a way to get people angry at
    > Jews. But for the pattern
    > was so obviously artificial I had the opposite
    > reaction; that this may be a
    > bizarre attempt to discredit Jews.
    > I would be very interested in hearing from others on
    > the list about your
    > reactions, if you have received similar spam.
    > And it will be interesting to see if any other
    > ethnicities are picked on.
    Since my last post I noticed that "Freud" has sent me a spam about software. I wonder if that signifies anything or perhaps a cigar is just a cigar. There were a couple others I wasn't sure about. Are
    "Emmanuel" or "Himmelfarb" Hebrew or Yiddish names?

    BTW if I were Jewish I'd like to have "berg" somewhere in my name. IIRC that means mountain.

    I do notice a lot more one name identifiers cropping up now that you've drawn my attention to it, but since I usually delete my junk box without looking at it, I can't say I've done much studying of spam name phenomena.

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