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From: Lawrence deBivort (
Date: Fri 05 Aug 2005 - 11:10:02 GMT

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    Greetings, all,

    I receive about 30 spam emails per day, most of which are caught by my filters and deposited into a 'junk mail' file. Every now and them I glance through the spam to see if some 'good' email has been snagged.

    In the last five days or so, a strong pattern has emerged. As you know, spammers assume invented names; the pattern lies in the choice of names they are making. Of eighteen emails in this morning's crop, thirteen sport
    'Jewish' names, and are given as one-name identifiers, rather than the normal 'given name/surname' format. Thus the emails purport to be from: Grinberg, Halpern, Glucksman, Glickman, Gottlieb, Horowitz, Finkbein, Emmanuel, etc. Of this morning's eighteen, two names were ambiguous (Ellis and Timothy).

    The content of the spam has not changed as far as I can tell; drugs, sex drugs, software titles dominate.

    I have been wondering why this is happening. Is it designed to appeal to Jewish readers? Is it designed to embarrass Jews?

    Are you finding this true in the spam you receive, too?

    What do you make of this?


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