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Date: Sat 30 Jul 2005 - 00:49:26 GMT

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    > You can make a case that really old cultural elements like the use of
    > fire might have shaped human psychological traits. Consider the interest
    > human children have in fire (they will play with fires for hours) and
    > contrast that to a lack of interest or fear other young apes have.

    By measuring the genetic distance between two different kinds of human lice, researchers put a date on when humans lost most of their hair. I just wonder if this date is roughly the same as the date for humans starting to control fire?

    Many other proposals for why humans lost most of their hair have been proposed, but thinking about an ape child trying to play with fire and setting their hair on fire . . . .

    But looking around for information doesn't provide strong dates on either when the human line became hairless or when our ancestors started using fire. But if hairlessness didn't co evolved with the use of fire, it seems like it would be a preadaption.

    Keith Henson

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