Memetic Parasitism & Flintstones

From: Alan Patrick (
Date: Fri 29 Jul 2005 - 07:04:31 GMT

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    > We could try taking the thread back to where Alan
    > introduced the topic of how Harry Potter has raised
    > the ire of X-ian fundies and how Kate pointed to the
    > US as a locus of this fundamental (pun intended) focus
    > (that rhymes). That was actually getting kinda
    > interesting.

    A thought......the US was initially settled by (European) people much more
    "infected" by religiosity memes....(whether they were more susceptible to infection, or just plain infected is another debate).

    > Seriously, to understand the controversy over Potter I
    > think an exploration of recent history holds the key.
    > EP might provide *a* basis in primordial psychological
    > motivations, but not *the* overarching answer. EP'ers
    > need to get over themselves already. They tend to
    > revert to the kneejerk adaptationist stance no matter
    > how many times nonaptive byproducts are acknowledged
    > then quickly forgotten.

    I wonder if EP (or just plain E) has "selected" US people to be more
    "fundie" - or susceptible to "Fundie" memes - than Europeans?

    Btw...If Fred was a pagan stone ager he would probably be familiar with quite a few of the Potter concepts that Xians find so offensive ;-0

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